Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fitocracy, the Facebook of Fitness

A few days ago I wrote about how you could use fitocracy to track your BJJ training. I am reposting it on this blog since I think it is a great tool for a person who is training for any sport.
Today I was reading a blog entry at jiujitsu365 about a new website called Fitocracy. It is a training log mixed with a competition mixed with social networking. You log your workouts and get points based on the different exercises. There are contests, quests, accomplishments and leader boards to compare yourself to other people. Since I am a competitive person, I can see myself really getting into this. If you need motivation to get in shape or lose some weight then this is the perfect site for you. Fitocracy also has groups so you can socialize with other people with similar interests.

If you sign up, I highly recommend changing your email settings because they are pretty spammy at first. Right now the website is in beta testing and is only available by invite. If you are interested in getting an invite, post a comment on this post, then email me at and tell me why you deserve an invite. I have limited invites so I am not going to just post it here.

Some of my criticisms for Fitocracy are that it overvalues weight lifting compared to other typse of exercise. It also doesn't have a mobil optimized site. I would also like for people to be a little more interactive in the groups, it seems like anything anyone says gets lost amoung all of the workouts that are logged. I would also like some sort of charting funtion to see my progress over time. However I am very impressed with the wide range of exercise options the site has and how good the search function is to find the different exercises.

I would like to add that I am still a big fan of this website. It is great for people who are competitive and also for people who like the constant feedback and likes from a website similar to facebook. I see a bright future for Fitocracy.

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